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Submit a Full Page Feature

Fill out this page to submit a Full Page Feature. The cost is $50 and will appear in the next edition. You can include up to 6 photos, a healthy description, a free Powercon is offered and it will be featured on the Buy and Sell Live phone app at no extra cost. Your ad can be upgraded to the 'Run-It-Till-Its-Sold' option where it will appear for up to 6 editions for one price of $175. This may be selected at the bottom of the form. Once submitted you will be taken to our payment page.

  Qld Buy and Sell Magazine
The Qld Buy and Sell is a monthly trader magazine that boasts free classifieds for private advertisers throughout Queensland. Free advertising is made possible through sales of the magazine, so be sure to grab a copy so we can continue to offer free classifieds.